Merilette: born of the kaleidoscope, born of the paintbrush. Comprised of both dark and bright colors. 

At the age of 5, Merilette became interested in classical music. She began singing opera and was classically trained in the art of violin.

But her musical palette began expanding. Greatly.

At 13, she became the director for a San Antonio music performance group. 

At 15, she released her debut single, Catch the Sun. 

At 16, she released her next single, The Queen.

And on her 17th birthday, she released her debut album, MindPaint, worldwide.

"Wilkommen, lovelies, to Merilette’s inner sanctum.  Her introspection, interpretation and association of anything and everything that has ever floated about as a thought or feeling, and made any kind of an influence on her life up until this point.  Anything that has left behind any form of hue, be it bright or dark, shiny or dull.  This is a collection of her inner self; her creativity; her elation and anguish; her heart and soul; this, lovelies, is MindPaint.

Vocally heavy-hitting and thoughtfully written, Mindpaint is a collaboration of personal experiences, collective consciousness, and kinetic synth.  It is the perfect mix of a little bit of everything that everyone can relate to in some way, shape or form. Because it is realistic.  And it is distinct, yet divergent in the same instance.  Because it is Merilette; she embodies every drop of sound that will soak your inner ear as you listen.  So enjoy, lovelies; after all, it is about the music, and how it moves you, both literally and figuratively."

MindPaint is available now!

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